An Inspector’s Checklist: What your home inspector is (and isn’t) looking for!

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Preparing for Your Home Inspection

As a homeowner, you put a lot of money, effort, and time into maintaining your home. So planning and preparing for a home inspection can be stressful. One of the best ways to gain some peace of mind is to know what to expect when your home inspector arrives. Here’s what your home inspector is (and isn’t) looking for in your home!

Pictured here is a Victorian-style home, much like many of the homes Southern Brothers Property Inspectors works on.

What is your home inspector looking for?

Interior Plumbing- Your home inspector will assess that all sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and spouts are working properly and don’t have leaks.

HVAC System- Home inspectors ensure that each part of the heating and cooling system is installed correctly and working as it should. They will also test thermostat controls.

Pictured here is a dial to control a home's HVAC system. Our home inspectors ensure all electrical and heating systems are properly functioning.

Electrical Systems- Electrical systems make up a large portion of the home inspection checklist, because faulty systems can make a home unsafe. Your home inspector will look for overloaded circuit breakers, overrated fuses, and faulty connections.

Roof- Your inspector will assess shingle or tile condition, ensure that there is no major damage, as well as check the chimney. They are mostly approving the integrity of the roof.

Floors, Windows, Doors- Home inspectors will check the condition of all floors, windows, and doors, ensuring there is no water damage, cracks, or gaps in installation.

Pictured here is where a hard word floor meets a brick wall.

Foundation- Home inspectors will also assess the foundation of the home for cracks and water damage. This will include checking where other home components meet the foundation, like walls.

Structural Components- Water damage or leaking is a large part of structural checks, as well as ensuring that all structures in the home are sound.

Installed Systems- These include any additions to the home that would require tools to remove, such as additional pumps and garbage disposals.

What isn’t your home inspector looking for?

Code Violations- While your inspector may find that items on their checklist violate building or safety codes, they are not specifically seeking out code violations in the home. Their purpose is to provide an assessment of the condition of a home to potential buyers or homeowners.

Superficial Installments- They will not assess superficial installments during your home inspection, such as decorations, permanent or temporary shutters, and exterior design elements.

Windows with shutters.

Wells/Septic Systems- An inspector won’t check water quality or safety unless specifically commissioned to do so. Read this article from the Lansing State Journal to learn about the well/septic system inspection process.

Mold, Radon, Asbestos- Your inspector may come across these dangerous elements during their check, but you will need a specialist or additional visit to test for mold, radon, or asbestos in the home.

Swimming Pools- At Southern Brothers, we offer a basic pool inspection as an additional service to our home inspection package. During the pool inspection, we will check that the pool’s pump and heater are working correctly.

This image shows a pool. Southern Brothers Home Inspectors offers pool inspections as an add on to our home inspection package.

Get a Quality Home Inspection with Southern Brothers

A thorough home inspection before you list your home can save you time and money later in the sales process. Imagine if you were finalizing the sale of your house, only for your buyer to find hidden problems! At Southern Brothers, we help you avoid unpleasant surprises. Schedule your pre-listing inspection today at (904) 747-0888.