Our inspectors have lived in, renovated, and rehabbed multiple historic properties. We specialize in crawl space design, historical construction methods and systematic defects through the decades. Our inspectors have inspected over 2500 historic properties.

What’s different about a historic home inspection?

At Southern Brothers Inspections we specialize in historic home inspections! We love the unique attributes of historic homes and the higher level of craftsmanship that goes into inspecting them! While the premise of the home inspection is the same, the knowledge and skills needed on a historic inspection are much greater. Our team has the specific skills and education needed to complete these inspections.

Below are some highlights on historic systems:

Wiring – If the wiring in the home hasn’t been updated, then the home is possibly not insurable in its current state. This is a common item that needs updated on historic homes.

Foundation – A home that has been standing for many years has more opportunity for potential foundation issues. So long as it is accessible, our inspectors will always get into the crawl space to get the full story on what is going on underneath the house. This is the best place to get information on current and potential issues related to the foundation.

Plumbing – Old plumbing and ineffective drainage are common problems found in older homes. Along with inspecting for prior or existing leaks, our inspectors will be looking for things like galvanized pipe and other older plumbing methods that would require updating.

Attic – The attic tells a lot of the history of a house! Our inspector will be looking for evidence of leaks or water damage, as well as inspecting the insulation and ventilation.

Decks and Porches – The historic homes around our area in Jacksonville & St Augustine have lots of porches & decks! Since they have been standing for a long time, it is crucial to inspect the safety of these structures.  We also inspect for signs of rot, termite damage or unstable steps and railings.

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