Concerned about hidden defects? Infrared technology can help!

Infrared technology can help identify issues and defects that are often overlooked with the naked eye. Infrared technology allows our home inspectors to identify critical areas of energy loss and moisture intrusion, such as voids in insulation, missing weather stripping, hot spots, roof leaks, and more. Infrared technology is used to complete a base level infrared scan which is included in all of our general home inspections, or you can upgrade to a whole house scan.

Basic infrared scan​

Basic Infrared Scans are included with all of our general home inspections. Basic infrared scans address a partial scan of the homes features, equipment, or systems to assist the home inspector in complete evaluation of these items during a home inspection.

Whole house infrared scan

Whole House Infrared Scans are conducted at a larger scale than the Basic Infrared Scan. With the Whole House Infrared Scan, the entire structure will be evaluated utilizing infrared technology to provide a complete perspective of the building envelope. The Whole House Infrared Scan will address, the attic, ceiling, walls, interior, exterior, and doors/windows to identify items such as home energy losses, voids or defects in insulation, electrical hot spots, piping, duct work, weatherization, and moisture issues. Whole House Infrared Scans are completed as a separate service, which can be added to any home inspection service for an additional fee.

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